New in the Shop- Mess Mats

Are you sick of your carpets or hard wood floors getting food all over them? Sticky all the time? Then you need one of these! It's an oil cloth mess cloth ready to catch all your baby or toddlers spills.

choose your pattern
Pick up & dump crumbs & other yucky's in the sick- then wipe clean with a wet rag- WHALA! no messy carpets or hard wood floors anymore!

p.s these are also great for your child's table crafts- ie. play dough fun- glue projects- coloring... {save your dining room table from child abuse!}

47* 47 inches


Michele said...

I need one to fit under my table!! LOVE THEM... great colors too!

Anonymous said...

These are fab!

Sarah Mae said...

I saw these at the last Bijou Market and though they were adorable! However, I don't see any in your etsy account, were they discontinued or merely sold out... I would love to purchase a couple if I could!

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