Happy New Year!

Just a little late on this post but super excited about this up coming year! I don't think I'll be setting any resolutions but I do have a ton of stuff I would like to accomplish this year- I just don't want the pressure to HAVE to do them- maybe that way they will actually get done. One thing I do want the pressure of getting done is a few tutorials I've had on my mind for years. So stayed tuned for those- cause they may actually happen!

Here are a few instagram pics from the past weeks. NYE at our house & a few other happenings.

couldn't resist the hot pink balloons from zurchers 

early countdown with the kids = extra fun/ loud noise

ida destroying our 0

dance off -husband cheating 

made a new years sign out of pipe cleaner & yarn. I started wrapping the sign with yarn about an hr before the party started & finished with help from my friend megan she also does lashes in NYC

pipe cleaner tutorial found here- I used three pipe cleaners together
to make my happy new year thicker. I got a tip from another person to use 
floral wire instead of pipe cleaner- since pipe cleaners doesn't come very long & 
floral wire can be cut to whatever length you need it to be- next time...

this happened one night when my bestie chris came to pick me up for dinner-  I changed...

we celebrated 5 years!!!!

this is what happens to some people when you get married in your 30's! 3 kids under 3 1/2 ...
ever wonder where we got the name reyn from? this is reyn soffe we like him a lot- did I mention he's married to the megan who helped with the HNY's sign- we like her a lot also

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Courtney Snowden said...

Oh my...the pipe cleaner happy new year sign...it is so awesome!!!

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