DIY ~ How to Sew a Heart on Your Sweater

You know how you sometimes buy that sweater because it's on super sale & it's hot pink & it's really cute & it's hot pink & it kind of looks vintage-y & it's got the perfect v-neck & it's hot pink!!! Then 2 years later you're looking through your closet & you see said sweater & it still has the tags on it. What!  Now the only problem is- besides the pretty color- it's seems kind of boring... So with Valentines around the corner why not put a ♥ on It!

    What you will need
     fusible interfacing
     scrap of fun fabric- preferably cotton weight
    {not pictured- seam ripper}

 1~ cut out your heart- I cheated & used a paper heart stamp cut out 
{if you are going to draw your heart, it's a good idea to fold your paper in half & draw half a 
heart then cut the half heart out & open the paper to get two even sides to your heart- although an uneven 
heart would also be pretty cute}

 2 ~ trace your heart onto your fun fabric. you won't see the marker so use 
black sharpie if you want- then cut it out

3 ~ set the heart on top of your fusible interfacing & cut out duplicate heart 
{make sure shiny side of fusible interfacing is touching wrong side of your fabric- use directions that 
come with your fusible interfacing if you need to}

4 ~ Iron together- using medium heat- this will keep your edges from fraying as 
well as keeping your heart from from wrinkling

5 ~ pin it to your sweater - one pin in the center will work
{go look in a mirror to see where you like it best- yes this is a different paper heart. 
I had my friend Amy take this picture while she was over for a play date}

6 ~ turn your sweater inside out & push on the heart so you can see the 
outline of your heart

7 ~ place your fused heart fabric side down using the outline of the heart on the 
other side as reference for where to put it

8 ~ use a pencil & draw little dots around the heart
9 ~ unpin the heart on the other side 
{pencil mark doesn't need to be too dark}

 10 ~ pin your heart on starting with a center pin- using the 
pencil marks as a guide 

11 ~ sew it on! 
{I sewed my seam close to the edge of the heart & sewed around the heart twice}

12 ~ turn your sweater right side out. take your seam ripper & carefully 
put a hole in your sweater 
{being careful not to go through your cotton heart}

can you see the yellow polka dots peeking through- now you have a hole 
ready for your scissors to start cutting away

13 ~ cut as close to the seam as possible going around the entire heart 

wha la-  cute eh? 

 here's a mirror pic so you can see the cute polka dots a little better- I flipped the pic so 
you all didn't get confused by the heart being on the wrong side- 
{no I don't think you are dumb- I just didn't want you to be confused}

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Courtney Snowden said...

Super cute! I have the unused stuff in a bag problem too....usually craft related! Like 10 Roberts/michaels/hobby lobby bags buried beneath all sorts of other junk. Then I end up re-buying it all because i forgot i had it already!!!! Uggg! Organize your craft room...#1367 resolution for the year :)

Alison said...

this is genius! you are genius. and THANK YOU for the Stuart Smalley quote! let's bring that back, shall we?

elsa bags said...

A we shall!

C- one of my only resolutions that has to come true or I will never be able to sew in there again!

Jade@How to Sew said...

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