DIY ~ Love on a Wire

Remember this & this? Well I wanted to do something along those lines but a little different for Valentines Day. I really did liked using flower wire better for this project - but if you are doing letters like they did here with your kids- I think pipe cleaner is the way to go. I also used Michael Millers heart fabric instead of yarn to spread the love just a little more. Yep super cheesy...

cutting board
craft glue
pliers {I used cheap jewelry ones I had on hand}
flower wire
rotary cutter or scissors {mine had the pinking blade 
on it from another project so I just left it on}
fyi-pinking sheers help with fraying

1 ~ write out what you want your project to say - I wrote I Love Us
{you can print out a font from your computer if you don't have as lovely of 
handwriting as I do- haha- or write it if you are lazy like me}

2 ~ I wanted my ends curly so I started with this 
{you won't see the ends- so this part isn't necessary}

3 ~ use the writing on your paper as a guide for your letters 
{yes I'm fully aware the "L" looks more like an "S"- I fixed this at the end}

I accidentally bent the end of the "e" so much that it broke so I
 ended up wrapping it around the "U"

which ended up as a happy accident - I ended up bringing 
the "Us" down to be below the "Love"

4 ~ cut your fabric into 1/2 inch strips 
{mine were about 18 inches long- but the length doesn't matter 
the glue will cover the parts you piece together}

I cut a little too many! I think I ended up using about 7 strips

5 ~ squeeze some glue onto your fabric about half way down the 
length of your strip

I just used my finger to spread it around

6 ~ start wrapping! here's were I needed to put more glue on 
{when you get to where the wire crosses another wire make sure you wrap the fabric 
around both wires to connect them together}

like this! 
{this is me connecting the "e" wires}

7 ~ trim any parts that look more like a mummy than a letter by cutting a little slit 
{I cut slits on both sides of the "L"}

8 ~ add a little glue 

9 ~ smooth the fabric out with your finger

 10 ~ the best part of the base of this being wire is being able to 
manipulate the way you want your words to look- so manipulate away! Hopefully 
the "L" looks more like an L now

ps. I'll be doing a Valentines tutorial all week long so stay tuned!
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The Perry's said...

I just might have to try this! It seems like something a challenged crafter might be able to make and I love it!!

Amy said...

LOVE this! Can I post the tutorial it on my blog?!

elsa bags said...

A- of course!

jen @ jkjk said...

love. I'm totally pinning this. :)

Erin said...

this is so cool! i got to try it. thanks!

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