DIY ~ Bakers Twine Heart Garland

I saw this darling earring tutorial the other day on Pitter & Glink & decided I wanted to make a little bigger version & make the little hearts into a garland.

What not another garland tutorial! Really why not? I'm stating here & now that garlands will never go out of style. Sure certain styles might get a little old but let's face it- garlands are adorable & they get the decorating done! So on that note here's ANOTHER garland tutorial....

What You'll Need & Step 1
flower wire
tacky glue
bakers twine I'm using all different colors {or a heavy-ish embroidery thread} 
{& I guess you'll need scissors if you don't like using your teeth}

1 ~ cut your wires the same length - mine are about 6 inches long
{I cut 6 but ended up making 7 hearts}

2 ~ squeeze a little glue onto a piece of paper 
{not too much because tacky glue dries pretty quickly}

3 ~ spread the glue onto your wire about half way down 
{you'll leave about a 1/2 inch of both of the ends glue & twine free for now}

4 ~ roll the twine around the wire re-gluing & re-twining until 
you hit the end- remember to leave a 1/2 inch free of glue & twine

this is me leaving a 1/2 inch free

5 ~ bend your wire in the middle to start forming your heart

6 ~ I measured with my finger where I wanted the tops to bend so I
could get all of the hearts to be about the same size
{yes I do this a lot- these old creasy fingers are good for something...}

7 ~  use pliers to manipulate the wires to be straight next to 
each other for the next part

8 ~ add more glue

9 ~ wrap the twine around the 2 ends to cover the wire 
& hook the pieces together

10 ~ squeeze some glue onto the outside of the heart

spread the glue around with your finger

11 ~ start wrapping the twine around in all different directions 
making sure to pull tightly while you're wrapping 

make sure the twine is touching glue where ever it wraps - 
add glue as needed

12 ~ pick a strong area on the twine & tie a knot around it - 
use pliers or something to help you pull the twine through 
the tight spots

make sure to pull the knot tight & then do it again to make 
it a double knot

13 ~ cut the extra twine off

14 ~ put a dab of glue on the knot to keep it super secure- 
now do this again 5- 6 more times!

take a look at your work & smile cause they are super cute! 
then frown cause you feel like you need one more to make it super duper cute 
{yep I said super duper}

15 ~ measure your garland twine- {I made mine about 1 1/2 yards long}
then measured 4 1/2 inches between each heart tying the garland twine 
onto the tops of the hearts tops 
{I was only going to tie the garland twine to one of the heart tops but ended up 
tying it to both tops- sorry not pictured}

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jen @ jkjk said...

so cute, and it looks so simple.
love it.

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