Love Letters 101

1) Get invited to a birthday/ valentine card making party-
2) let go & be the cheese ball you know you can be

We don't really give into the whole Valentines day flower giving/ chocolates/ gift giving, (wait a minute- I must be a fool) Although last year we decided to make it our annual giving of a love letter to each other. (which in anyone else's eyes is called a valentine!) shhh don't tell us that.

this year whilst at Emily & Michelle's joint birthday party I made a card for husband.

let's dive into this thing called love!

Husband wrote me this amazing love letter. I've already read it 5 times. We exchanged them today cause we celebrated february birthdays yesterday- little pookie- her twin cousins, born 3 days before her & her big brother born the day after & 10 years before her. Super fun party. I'll post pics from that another time. My sister in law made the most amazing birthday crown for elsa. I can't wait to show it off.

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