Could You Stomach This

Modern Toilet is a Taipei restaurant that accommodates 100 seats. Toilet seats that is! Each seat is made from a toilet bowl. Frozen yogurt to look like poop served out of urinal shaped bowls, soup out of tubs & toilet bowls- could you do it- eat out of bowls that resemble the most unsanitary objects in the world? I have to say the food still looks pretty yummy!


Amy said...

i have a real love/hate with this, it's gross yet i'm a little obsessed.

thanks again for stopping by! it was great to see all of you and we have LOVED the ice cream :)

Michele said...

ohhh..yikes!! I wonder if this would fly in the USA...
It is so clever and strange and the same time!
I would love to own some of those potty bowls....my kids would get a kick out of eating their veggies out of a toilet!! :+)

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