Last Minute Valentines

Kaleb & I did these valentines for Elsa's primary class. The one's with the big lollipops are for her teachers. I found this idea first here in liz's weekend round up. She found them here on design mom. & Gabby found them here on 24-7-365..

I wished we were able to get a deeper picture so the lollipop stood out better, but getting a 2 year old to pose with her hand exactly like you want is no easy feat. After 15 minutes of trying to direct & take a picture-adam came in and took over the camera so I could direct her. (kaleb did try- he even bribed her with chocolate) I still like how they turned out. Little pookie looks adorable pretty much doing anything in my eyes.


Susan said...

those are so so cute.

liz stanley said...

cute! love it

Amy said...

these were so adorable!

i'm jefra... said...

this is the raddest idea ever -- please don't be mad if I borrow it??

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