Quilt Group

I joined a neighborhood quilt group this year with my friend tia. 15 lovely ladies all random ages. We make 1-2 squares a month then bring them to quilt group. Then one (or 2) of the women in quilt group receives those squares to make themselves a quilt with. This year they've decided to have everyone pick from their scraps at home & make a random 9 1/2 square. This really didn't excite me too much. In my head i'm thinking this will not work, I need my quilt to match, but so far it seems like it might work out.

I didn't take a picture of the first 2 which makes me sad but here is my square for this month. I think it turned out pretty good if you don't look too closely at the different sizes of the rectangles/ turned squares. I seem to make up my squares instead of looking at a pattern which ends up working against me in the long run.

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Anonymous said...

You are way to talented... I love that is isn't a traditional square...be sure to post the quilt when you are done, what a fun idea!!

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