Crazy Week

I'm soooooooo busy getting some last minute things finished for the Beehive Bazaar that I won't be blogging much this week. The Swanky Isis did a nice little blog about my goods today. Thank you Natalie for all your kind words. She has a really great design/ mom blog you should check out.

Come to the bazaar. It starts tomorrow night.


annie said...

nicole...i'm a vendor this year too, so i wanted to find you wednesday night, but i never did. i just wanted to tell you that the bag i bought from you last spring is still going strong! i use it almost every day, and i love it.

susan said...

I purchased one of your Rooster dresses for my daughter and she wore it the very next day. She is currently heavily influenced by the movie 'Matilda' and feels she has to wear a dress everyday.

You have a wonderful products!

Hugs. {susan at persimmonandpink.com}

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