How To Cut Your Bangs

I came across this video on Kandee Johnson's blog. She's a fancy make-up artist with lots of great tips.

I tend to get my hair cut twice a year (I know that's bad right) but a color & a cut every 6 weeks or so can be really expensive! So because I'm a total cheap-o I end up cutting my own bangs every other month. Friends are always asking how I go about this task & to be honest I just wing it. Sometimes it works out & sometimes it doesn't... (I should insert a picture here, but I'm not that brave)

Here's a great video showing you a really good way to cut your own bangs. I will forever follow Kandee's simple tips.

P.S. check out Kandee's link for a great organic lemon sugar scrub. I'm trying this tonight!

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Amy said...

This post came a day too late for me! I just chopped off my bangs earlier this week and they are hideous! Now I know.

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