Quilt Group

So I totally missed quilt group last month cause I was working like crazy on my stuff for the Beehive Bazaar. So this month I made an extra one to give to Carol (the woman who's turn it was last month) She had 4 come to her this week so I wasn't the only slacker! No worries though, she won't be putting her quilt together anytime soon cause she's super busy with her 2 daughters getting married this summer.

I got the idea for these squares from the purl bee's curved seemed pillow tutorial. Unfortunately I didn't see the download for the pattern until now! So I drew my own. Our square has to be 9 1/2 * 9 1/2 so I made my square a random size then just cut it down to the right size in the end. This is what happens when you join a quilt group that has you make a square at home to bring in each month with no lessons attached. So with me not knowing anything about " how " to make a quilt square- I basically just have to wing it. I'm pretty sure I'm a true quilters nightmare.

P.s. just cause you know how to sew doesn't mean you know how to quilt! I think I thought it would be somewhat easy. no such luck! I still look foward to when it's my month & when I have/get to put my quilt together.

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