No Mother Father Swear'n

Ya we just bought one!

I have wanted a mini van forever but we've only needed one the past few months. Going from 1 to 3 kids in just a couple of years you just need a little more room. I never realized how big they are though. I have to fold in my side view mirror just to fit in my garage!

I have no idea why mini vans get such a bad rap. They are amazing. The back seats completely fold into the bottom of the floor, the middle seats slide up & back with an 8th seat that is super easy to take in & out & I have a back up camera so now I can't run over the next door neighbor kids who like to play in our drive way.

You've got to admit that this couple kind of looks like us- though adam has a bit more hair.

I love this video also

*our house was made in the 1920's

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scuz said...

oh hot stuff! i love mini vans. i've seriously wanted one since high school.

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