Still Recovering

from last Saturday!

8:00am The Bijou Market (in orem)- 1pm Baby Shower (in orem)- 6pm Bijou Clean Up- 7:30 Co-Ed Baby Shower (in alpine) Now Keep in mind I live 45 min north of orem

So I started my Saturday way too early (i'm not a morning person & I had 4 hours of sleep) by driving down to Orem with Susan to set up for The Bijou Market one of the best gals to share a booth with. How amazing is her stuff! & she's the perfect companion to travel 45 min each way with. We can talk about anything & we DO! Then I went back to SLC to change & pick up little pookie. Then back to Orem for a baby shower. Then I went & hung out with one of my besties Stacy & my Aunt Maryann. Then back to the Market to pick up my goods & then to my brother & sister in-laws baby shower.

The Bijou Market
photo by nicole carmen

Michelle's baby shower/ Tea party
Veeda & Suzanne throw a damn good baby shower-such yummy food & treats

one of the prettiest pregnant woman you'll ever see

cindy & the coolest baby shower activity's ever

can you see elsa in her audrey hepburn glasses. she was loving all the treats

pic stolen from Veeda taken by her super nice husband Brendan

The Jen-ton Shower- one of the other prettiest pregnant woman you'll ever see

On the front of Benton's moms invite it had Benton with a guitar + Jen with a guitar = a baby with a guitar hence the creepy doll with a guitar in this picture! It's funny if you know Jann & benton & Jen...

Doesn't Adam look a lot like his dad. Do I look tired- cause I was...

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Veeda said...

wow, what a busy day for you! I'm so glad you and Elsa came. She so adorable.

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