Bijou Market June 5th

I'll be sharing a booth with my super talented friend Susan from Freshly Picked for the Bijou Market this Saturday June 5th. So come & pick up some amazing goods for your daughter, son, husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father or just for yourself! Tons of fabulous vendors will be there & it's only for 1 day...

For you out of town-ers here are a few awesome bloggers doing some giveaways!

the rockstar diaries

bijou market

the coterie blog

P.s. this will probably be my last post this week due to some last minute sewing madness! thanks bijou for letting me be a part of your show!

1 comment:

Aunt Spicy said...

So glad that fp posted a link to your site!! I just adored your bags at Beehive Bazaar, great design and fabrics, but could not find a business card on your booth!

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