Advent Calendars

Do you have an advent calendar? We are going to make them in our DIY club this month {I know it's a little late- but Dec is busy- busy- busy} Here are a few advent calendars i'm liking on the internet.

I love this one- Snowing Presents- this has directions on how to make it yourself 

                                   Christmas Advent Calendar Tree Holiday Vinyl Decor Wall 


                                Christmas Vintage Red Advent Numbers - set of 25these are great     vintage like numbers to make your calendar with


                   Folding Typography Advent Calendar- you fold the flaps to create the number


                     Modern Advent Calendar on Design Sponge

Count down to Christmas with your pet- only maybe candy for you instead

This beauty was made by my friend Victoria

1 comment:

.caroline armelle. said...

i want in on your next diy club!

so fun to see you at the beehive bazaar.

p.s. do you ever make dresses for people if they already provide the fabric?

if you have a second will you email me? carolinedrake@gmail.com

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