Ida/ 18 months

The night started out pretty good- dinner at Adam's sisters then off to see the lights at Temple Square. The first 25 or so minutes went pretty well but then this little creature decided she wanted to be miss independent- wanting to walk around on her own, not wanting to hold anyones hand, resulting in the biggest freakout/ tantrum i've ever seen come out of her. Poor girl- she just wants to be big already.

Also she's 18 months today. This may not mean a lot to some people but at our church it means she's off to nursery & I can once again listen in church!  Don't get me wrong sometimes it's nice to have this little distraction around but I think I'm just ready to relax again. (it's been a couple of years) 

Ida & me

the family with devil eyes - my iphone not always the best camera

Salt Lake City Temple

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