Modern Gingerbread Houses/ Gingerbread Part-ee

So I attempted my own modern Gingerbread house at my friend Amy's Christmas party last week {see picture at the end} & let's just say it turned out nothing like the houses below... These are a few of my favorite modern gingerbread houses I've found around the web. Check out the first one- it's by far my favorite. There's an Eames  lounge chair,  a George Nelson clock, a Noguchi table- a Pierre Paulin lounge chair- a Jackson Pollock Painting & more- 

found on left coast mini see more on flickr

back- come on!

miro painting- are you kidding me

the next few were found on inhabitat

These are a few of the gingerbread houses from Amy's party

Amy & Chris'- they couldn't win because it was their prize giveaway- but seriously one of the coolest gingerbread houses i've ever seen in person & yes that's a couch & a coke machine- so great

This is Ben & Ande's {my sister & brother in law- they won- deservedly so} their house was on stilts & it had a river running under it & stained glass windows. Pretty cool- plus look at that cute little mini cupcake snowman- love it

This one is mine! I know- I know- but my husband was out of town so I was flying solo. My house seriously struggled to stay up by itself- so I was holding on with one hand, creating with the other. Not an easy task when you have no idea what you're trying to create. One thing I did like on mine was the christmas lights though- but really that's about it... 

All in all I got to eat lots of candy- lick my fingers every couple of minutes & scarf down yummy mexican food & about 5 cupcakes {they were mini} Thanks Amy & Chris

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