DIY ~ Valentine Origami Ball Full of Love Coupons & Sweet Nothings

My oldest son Kaleb use to make these origami paper balls all the time when he was younger. One year I had him make one for my mom for mothers day & we filled it with words of love for her instead of giving her a card. I thought this would be a fun gift for your significant other for Valentines Day.

To make it totally sexy/ way awesomer I'm using animal print paper! Animal print that you can feel- seriously the print is raised & really soft! Cheesy? You bet!

Items Needed
1 lightish weight paper for the origami ball
1-4 pieces of fun paper- I ended up using super sparkly red & super sparkly gold
hole punch {I used a tiny heart & star hole punch}

I'm going to make this easy on me & send you to origami-instructions.com to make the ball or as they call it the balloon.

here's a step by step collage of the origami ball I made- 
animal print makes it a little hard to see some of the steps so seriously refer to this...

So fun to make right? 
Now grab your fun paper & start hole punching away- 
they're so sparkly!

write your love coupons & your words describing your man on the back of your 
teeny tiny hearts & stars or whatever you end up using- 

no pervs- I didn't write anything too sexy for you readers to see

fill your ball & you're finished-
now go set it on his pillow next to some sexy lingerie or
his favorite candy bar- if lingerie is not your thing

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