DIY ~ Crochet Heart Valentines

Last year we made these adorable crochet garlands found on Design Sponge for DIY club. My friend Emily showed us how. I didn't know how to crochet nor did any of the other girls. Once you got the pattern down- it wasn't too hard. If you already know how to crochet this DIY will be easy peasy- if you don't check out you tube to figure out terminology.

Molly's are teeny tiny because she used fine crochet thread - 
I used yarn so they are a bit bigger- aren't these are so adorable

I crocheted the hearts then sewed some onto clips & 
others onto headbands for my girls friends- then put them onto sparkly 
card stock to make the Valentines- p.s. little girls love everything sparkly

What You'll Need
yarn {isn't vanna pretty}
fun paper
heart hole punch
elastic or headband bought at the store
hair clips
thread {can match the yarn on your heart or the elastc}
sewing needle
crochet hook & exacto knife- Not pictured- cause I forgot...

paper- yarn & hole punch bought at michaels crafts
clips bought here

1 ~ First crochet your hearts- directions here

2 ~ measure your child's head & assume everyones child has 
the same size head as her

3 ~ sew your elastic together by overlapping 
1/4 of an inch

4 ~ sew your elastic to the back of your heart- 
using the heart to hide the part of the elastic you just sewed together

pretty cute eh?

when sewing your heart to a clip- make sure you hold 
the clip open so that you're just sewing through the bottom part of the clip

cute even on nap head hair!

 5 ~ now use your heart hole punch &
punch out your hearts

6 ~ write whatever you would like on the back- I had elsa write her name & I wrote idas

7 ~ for your paper hearts that will hold the heart clips- mark with a
pen where you want to cut little slits on the back
of your paper heart- 

use your exacto to cut the slits

8 ~ with the headband just wrap it around the heart 
& tape the excess to the back

now make a ton more! the hearts really are therapeutic 
to make -your girls or your boys girl friends will love them!

*now to figure out what to make for the boys! I'm thinking these from see jane blog would be fun
*** check out some of my other Valentines Day diy's herehereherehere, here


{jane} said...

hey, thanks for the link love. your headbands are adorable! and, you've been on a crafty-roll... i love it!

Mimi said...

Talk about cuteness overload! Love all these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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