DIY ~ Pom Pom Heart Wreath

So I may have been going through pom pom making withdrawals- did you know I made over  300 pom poms during the Christmas holidays? It's true-  I may have become a little addicted.

The goods
heart wreath
yarn- this wreath took 3 skeins 
{I chose a red that had a sparkly piece of yarn running through it- I'm also addicted to shiny things}
pom pom maker 
{you can use your fingers but you will never regret buying one of these- I promise}
short straight pins

1 ~ cut your fabric about 2 inches wide- the length needs to 
be as long as possible but if you need to cut 2 or 3 strips that's fine also 
{you can add to what you are doing at any time by pinning the new fabric down}

2 ~ pin the end of the fabric down at an angle on the heart
{you'll be wrapping the fabric around the wreath on an angle}

3 ~ wrap the fabric around the wreath until you are finished- 
you'll have to manipulate the fabric around the angles of the heart- make sure to pin the end of the fabric down or any pieces you had to add to the wreath

4 ~ start making your pom poms!

5 ~ tie your pom poms around your wreath 
{another option is to use a hot glue gun instead- probably faster}

make sure to tie the pom pom in a double knot- 
you can see where I pinned the ends of the fabric just below 
the pom pom to keep the fabric in place

half way done!

this is how your back will look- such a mess!

5 ~ I like to twist all the ends around- kind of like twisting hair-  pin the yarn down as you go 
{I suppose you can just cut them as well- but I'm too scared the knots will fall out}

6 ~ cut off some yarn & tie it around the center of the top 
of your heart making sure to make a loop- this is to hang your heart with

adorn with a cute deer if you want & if you can't decide
 what deer you like best let them take turns!


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bex said...

i made a zillion pompoms at christmas too. i thought i'd go all DIY and made my pompom templates from cardboard, but it got a little sloppy. those little pompom makers look awesome.

nicole choules said...

bex- they are the best

kirsten said...

SO cute, esp. with the deer!

(came over from stephanie's blog - i remember meeting you at eva's shower! i'm her SIL, and you were SO nice to my daughter, i still remember. nice 'running into you' again!)

elsa bags said...

K- Yes I remember you & your cute daughter! Nice meeting you too. thanks for coming over to my blog

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