Our Week In Hearts

Some going ons here at the Choules- Paul- Ulibarri home. Yes we have 3 different last names around here. We are hip like that.

we had a sugar cookie making party
we were in charge of the cookies- 
my mom made all the dough- me & the little ones made all the cookies- 
lots & lots of cookies

my "sort of" ikat cookie

friday nights

some V- Day staches

what we found on our wall- 
seriously how did we miss this

reyn totally falling asleep while watching HOBH- 
he obviously doesn't understand english yet

a visit from susan & her off spring- 

made some heart necklace 

this girl turned 4 on Friday!

this guy turned 14 on saturday! 
& he's all of the sudden taller than me what!!!!

1 comment:

Meg said...

Wonderful to see the ikat cookie again. Absolutely the highlight of any sugar cookie decorating party.

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