DIY ~ Polka Dots & Gold Sparkly Heart Double Sided Garland

Ok folks this one is beyond easy! I wanted a garland that looked as good on the back as it did on the front- so I used glue instead of sewing it together.

All You Need Is - sorry I got ahead of myself & started before taking a picture
2 different kinds of paper {I used card stock from michaels}
heart punch {also bought at michaels}
string {I used yellow bakers twine} 

1 ~  start by punching out your hearts- 
I bought a heart with a scalloped edge for a more vintage-y look 
{I did 14 plain gold & 12 polka dot gold- remember these are double sided}

2 ~ measure your string & then fold it in 
half so you have a center point to start with

3 ~ spread glue all over one of your hearts - 
{use your little helper if you have one - that way you can spare your hands}

4 ~ set the center of your string in the center of your heart 
making sure the string sits straight across your heart

5 ~ add your top heart- 
if your heart is scalloped- make sure the edges match up

6 ~ set a book on top of your hearts & 
apply a little pressure for about 10- 20 seconds to help set the glue 

7 ~ use your book as a measuring guide if you like it's width- 
I set my book at the side of my first finished heart then repeated steps 3~ 4 ~ 5 then 6
on the other side of the book 
{the string is under the book- remember to pull the string taught so all your hearts are even}

since you started the garland with the first heart in the middle of your string- make sure
you finish 6 heart on the right side of your middle heart & 6 hearts on the left side of your middle heart
 that's it- so simple & so quick!

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{jane} said...

that last picture - that room is perfect. :)

Bekka said...

I stumbled onto this tutorial and I absolutely love it. I made one for my home and can't believe how happy it makes me. Thanks for a great idea.

mer said...

super cute. I'm going to have to get myself a heart punch.

So great meeting you on Sat. as well!
loving the choc. stash :).


nicole choules said...

B- yay that's so nice to here! send me a pic- I can't seem to link to your blog from here???

J- It's always dirty- except for once a month when we splurge on cleaners!

nicole choules said...

M- totally framing your water color LOVE! it's perfect

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