Halloween DIY Club

I thought this months DIY was tons of fun! We got our idea from The Graphics Fairy Karen is super generous with sharing the graphics she finds or creates-  she also turns them into usable PDF's for you. When she did her Halloween hoop art she printed them through her computer. Since we have such a large group for DIY club I decided we should screen print them instead. 

It was still a lot of work but the prints look amazing. We were able to finish up our screen prints that night. Everyone was busy either ironing-  cutting- screen printing or mod podging. I wasn't able to put everything together till the next day. Yes- I should be sewing like a mad woman for The Bijou Market & The Beehive Bazaar but I couldn't pass up having one last week to hang these in my house. {plus quilt club is at my house tonight so I wanted to show them off}

this is another one of the DIY Club projects of the night. You can see a tutorial from Amy here thanks to her my little halloween family got cut out. I screen printed the haunted house onto the striped paper before I put everything together.

Here are a few pics from DIY night that I stole from Amy's blog

I also made a few toddler t-shirts because I love this print so much

These are for sale- but I may be too lazy to put them in the shop- so let me know if you're interested- They are $9 each

  1. grey long sleeve t-shirt 9-12 months & 12 - 18 months (I have 2 of these)
  2. green long sleeve onesie 12- 18 months
  3. white long sleeve girls t-shirt 2T
  4. grey & darker grey striped long sleeve t-shirt 12- 18months (I have 2 of these)
  5. light blue short sleeve t-shirt 4- 6 yrs


.caroline armelle. said...

wow! those are darling! i love the graphics!

and, i know... i really should be getting ready for the beehive bazaar and bijou market, i haven't done a thing yet. good luck!

Amy said...

What a great night! The t shirts are adorable and I must have one for E. Do you have a size 3 in any of them? I'll just get it from you at play group on Thursday, if you do.

P.S. Maybe a craft day is in store for those of us that need to get cracking for upcoming shows! I haven't started a thing!! Yikes!

mere said...

Those look so awesome. I'm so bummed I couldn't make it

Amy said...

i am so sad i couldn't be there... these turned out so cute.

Jamie B said...

I love the embroidery hoop decor for Halloween... so neat! I hope it's okay, I just finished a Halloween crafts/decor round-up and couldn't resist featuring them. You can see it here:


Thank you!

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