My Dream Cabinet!

If only Misha Kahn could come to my house to create a thought bubble cabinet for us. What would it have in it? A place for magazines, a place for sippy cups, a place for my mac & my 2 remote controls, a place for a snack bowl maybe even a place for my toddlers with 5 point harnesses attached... 

This literally blows my mind. I wouldn't change a thing {well maybe the barbie's pose & nudiness-I have a tweeenage boy after all} 

Here's her description of how she made it.
After scanning the hoards of chachkis lying on my bedroom floor I printed out life size puzzle pieces and arranged them into this curious thought bubble. Constructed of laser cut mdf, and pink foam, then fiberglassed and coated with molded polystyrene. The interior is painted and flocked, with hardwood (dovetailed) drawers, and door. Stands 7 feet’ 6” inches high.

♻ from whorange

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