Let Halloween Begin!

The girls were invited to two birthday parties on Saturday so Adam & I decided to divide & concur. One was a Halloween costume party & the other wasn't. Guess who was going to which one.  {p.s. elsa's won't take her cowboy-cowgirl elsa boots off} that's what she calls them. I bought the boots for Elsa last April at the Hester Street Fair in NYC & love that they finally fit.

I love this pose- get in shape girl
I've had this costume in my head for a couple of months now. my goal this year was to use stuff I had around the house to save on money. the only thing I ended up buying was the leo when I was at the $1 store last week- i couldn't resist.

 it was a beautiful day in the 70's so I could get away with the leo. I'm thinking when Halloween comes around- I may have to put a long sleeve onesie on her. I had some elastic webbing that I made into a belt- head band & wrist band.

I'm too lazy to take a better picture- I love the belt buckle- it reminds me of my childhood

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Angela Flicker said...

Oh my word! I still can't get over how cute that costume is. I'm loving that first photo --sisters are the best!

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