Halloween Decor/ My House

I bought these bats for the bat garland from House of Clouds on etsy. I bought the cheapest version {you score & bend them & put it together yourself} because I felt strange spending money on paper bats-  I really couldn't have made these on my own- without it taking a million years anyways. Also everyone who sees them loves them so go & order yours before it's too late!

I think I bought this big spider at Big Lots about 6 years ago

my mom gave me this orange tinsel tree for a wedding gift {she knows orange is my favorite color} I use it every other year for christmas but this is the first time i've used it for Halloween! Can you believe it- I think it's amazing. The Halloween ornaments are made of chip board. I just painted them black & added a hole at the top to put ornament hangers on. I bought them half off at Smith's Marketplace. The cat is super creepy. Adam's moms gave it to Little Pookie for Christmas last year. It purrrrs & licks it's self...

since we can't put gum balls in our gumball machine {because the girls would go crazy wanting them every minute} I decided to put these vintage cake toppers I bought from Gingerly 88 on etsy in it. It's Hansel & Gretel with a witch & a cat. I couldn't get a better picture. 

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