San Jose Mine- Chile

Wow! They are finally able to get all the men out of the mine is Chile. I couldn't imagine being stuck down there. 2000 feet under ground for 68 days with 32 other men- yikes- I get claustrophobic when I'm taking my shirt off & it gets trapped around my arms & head.

here are the men- possibly after they found out they would still be able to smoke...

the phoenix capsule built by chilean navy engineers

The Phoenix' interior is 6 ft. 4 inches & weighs 924 pounds. The empty capsule is lowered 2,000 ft. into the mine. The men will individually take the capsule up which will then take 20 minutes to ride back to the surface. They say it should take an hour for the rescue capsule to make a round trip. I definitely shed a tear watching the news tonight. This is seriously amazing. Yay for engineers!

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JMay said...

I totally teared up watching the miners being reunited with their family, so happy!

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