Pumpkin Piñata Tutorial

Did you ever make a paper mache globe when you were in elementary school? I remember it being so awesome but I didn't get to kill it with a bat & get lots of candy afterwards like you do a piñata...

Also making a piñata is way better & it's super easy. After my bff Chris & I racked our brains thinking of the cheapest way to make a piñata for her 10.10.10 birthday party this past weekend, we came up with this fine recipe.  Wanna make one? OK go grab the goods & let's get started.

First get your balloon ready by blowing it up- we wanted a really big piñata so Chris bought a big one with thicker skin {balloon $4 bought at Zurchers}

Chris' cheeks really hurt after blowing this sucker up! {it's really big I promise}

This would be a good time to tear up your strips of paper or newspaper. We used some paper Chris' tenants left in one of her rental homes {yes I said one of- she has 2! so guys if you read my blog- she's available} After tearing a few strips up only about 1inch & a 1/2 wide- we came to the conclusion that tearing them that small would take us forever so we ended up with about 3 inch strips.

We were going to go & buy craft glue- for the next part but decided we would go the old fashioned path using the flour & water = glue mix way. {plus we saved $5- $10} keep in mind this recipe is for a REALLY BIG balloon- you may want to 1/2 the recipe if your piñata is on the smaller scale.

Step 1) Boil 6 cups of water in a pot

Step 2) Put 2 cups of flour in a separate bowl 

Step 3) Add 2 cups of room temperature water to the flour & whisk away

Step 4) Pour the flour mixer into the boiling water & whisk away again making sure there are no        lumps (no you're not making gravy) 

We wanted to watch Glee while we did this project so I threw a large beach town down on the living room floor. Also you'll want a large bowl to set the balloon on while you're attaching the paper to it to avoid getting glue all over the floor. {we used a colander}

Spread the glue onto the strips of paper & start laying them horizontally onto the balloon

We went at it from both sides

After you've gone around the entire balloon horizontally do a second layer vertically. Then repeat the horizontal step again & if you really want a super sturdy piñata repeat the vertical step one more time = 4 layers of paper strips.

Next let your amazing piece of work dry for 2 days! {if you don't want your very curious 12 yr old son - who was sleeping while you made this- to not touch this wet goopy ball of awesome - put a sign on it} 
p.s. that rad art work behind the ball was created by my friend Marsha

Ok it's been 2 days! I set a fan in front of the piñata to get it really dry. Also remember to turn it every so often.

Now it's time to start cutting your crepe paper {I bought ours at the $1 store} We used 3 rolls. 

We ended up cutting the paper smaller than we originally started. Half the size that is in the picture. {about an inch} 

Chris cut both sides- then she cut through the middle to cut the strips in half

You'll need some more cheap glue for the next part- so get your butt back in the kitchen- this time on a smaller scale

Step 1) Boil 2 cups of water in a pot

Step 2) Put 3/4 cups of flour in a separate bowl 

Step 3) Add 3/4 cups of room temperature water to the flour & whisk away

Step 4) Pour the flour mixer into the boiling water & whisk away again making sure there are no        lumps 

Then start layering. We started at the bottom & discovered {like I mentioned before} shorter  strips worked better. Spread the glue kind of thick {a sponge brush works great .49 at michaels} & then layer like crazy.

This part is really fun. They don't need to be very straight- just go to town making sure you cover all the white up. 

We waited another day to put the face on. We used black fabric because I didn't have black paper & I'm a border line fabric hoarder. This time we used craft glue I had on hand. No template we just kind of winged it. Triangles for the eyes & nose & a totally typical pumpkin mouth.

To hang it- I took an exact- o knife & cut little holes big enough to string some rope through- then I tide a knot at the top

Now fill it with the good stuff cause this party is for you & your friends- not your kids after all...

Lastly- We taped the hat on by rolling the tape- then sticking it under the hat fringe. The hat made it so we didn't have to worry about the hole on the top.

Pretty cute huh! I'm loving the layers- sort of makes me want to make a skirt like this

Next we partied like 30 something year olds do! 

Elin's funny

After discovering we had no where to hang the piñata-{we were in park city at a resort for the birthday party} our friend Chris sacrificed his body to hold it.

Even when you're in your late 20's & 30's you still go crazy for the candy!

                                                      that's my husband  ↴


marshall p said...

Hey! I got a shout out! yay! also, that pumpkin is pretty rad. I hope Chris's party was super fun... but really, with a pinata like that, how could it be anything less?

marshall p said...


have you seen this german lady's fantastic pinatas? the donkey is pretty amazing.

marshall p said...

uh... this might be better

elsabags said...

what's the german ladies link. the one that you have just goes to the picture.

that beetle looks crazy.

love it

marshall p said...


that's it. she doesn't write much. it's mostly pictures. her cat dolls are the best. I'm going to copy them. hee.

Emily said...

We included this post in our Halloween link round up! http://sstorywindow.blogspot.com/2010/10/halloween-week-web-favorites-and.html

2 Scoops of Crazy said...

Thanks...Just Pinned this...HOW FUN!! http://pinterest.com/pin/237565426/

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