The Anxiety of Waiting for Kung- Fu Baby

Ugh! I have so much anxiety right now waiting for baby number 4. I know I still have a little less than 3 weeks away but I'm already getting all those feelings you get in the last week of pregnancy. I can't sleep because of all the contractions I'm having & the anxiety of the actual moment coming on really is making me crazy. I know what you're thinking- This is your 3rd baby in 4 years & you're still freaking out! Shouldn't you be use to it by now- I know I'm pathetic but every single baby is different. They have their own schedule & they come out in different ways. {you should know that I've never had a baby early- let alone on time}

Kaleb {10 days late} was a little scary- only because everyone ran in (after I just got comfy with my epidural) saying my blood pressure dropped & this baby had to come out. Luckily when they checked me I had dilated to a 10 & he was out within a 1/2 hr.

With Elsa {3 days late} everything seemed pretty good. I was induced sitting on the bed with pitocin & an epidural. Contractions were on- only she was brow first & wasn't dropping down- she just kept contracting into my tail bone- no matter how many people put their hands up inside me trying to help she wouldn't drop. I ended up having a C- section. ugh!

With Ida {{3 days late & first time with a midwife} all was good. I walked around for hours getting that little gal to drop & get ready to come out the birth canal. She was a champ & came out after 4 pushes. Easiest labor ever. {I had a vbac & yes an epidural} yay!

With Kung-Fu baby I have no idea what the outcome will be. I pray every night that I will be ready & know exactly that my contractions are real & not braxton hicks. (I feel like ballet has caused me to have a very high tolerance for pain which makes me extra nervous that I'm not feeling the right kind of contractions...) I know more stupid thoughts.

moving on----

There is nothing I like better than feeling this little guy move inside of me {except when I have to pee}. He's really is a little kung-fu artist. I video taped Ida when she was in me & thought there was no way I could miss out video taping this little guy. I hope this doesn't creep you out!


Angela Flicker said...

Oh Nicole, I remember having anxiety those last weeks. Try to relax though, as hard as that might be ;) You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Lex said...

Thanks for the pregnancy refresher! The video clip is RAD awesome!!

marshall p said...


Natasha said...

Hahaha! I love the video!

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