Magnum Yum!

Did you hear? You can now buy one of my favorite chocolate ice cream bars here in the USA- The Magnum bar!
Have you seen the adorable Rachel Bilson in the commercials on t.v. Oh how I wish I had hair like that!

* p.s. if you watch the commercial on the magnum link just look at rachel's hair & drool a little over the cute model boy- cause the rest is crap - especially the ballet one- avoid that one completely. 

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Sherice said...

I just wandered over from Armelle's blog~ sorry I saw a ballerina and was curious:) Anyhoo~ I keep hearing about these Magnum bars, and so funny that you posted about them. I am definitely going to be needing one pronto~ they look delish!

... and your blog is adorable:)

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