Making a Mini Skirt Not so Mini

I was at Old Navy the other day & found this mini skirt. While it's just a little too short for this old lady I couldn't pass up on the material- it's a light linen & looks kind of vintage & I couldn't pass up on the price {9.99 with 30% off} so I decided to buy 2 & sew them together to become a not so mini skirt anymore. I bought one in my size {or the size I hope to be once again after kung-fu baby pops out} for the top & one a size bigger for the bottom.

here are my 2 skirts- one is a size 8 & one is a size 10

start by taking your bigger/ bottom skirt apart- like if you have pockets on your skirt you may want to take them off

next cut the elastic off the top of the bottom skirt- i used scissors for this part- also take out the pleats if you have any {you'll want as much material as possible when sewing the 2 skirts together}

after I took the pleats out it was super wrinkled- so iron at this point if your material is wrinkled as well

to make sure the top of the material of the part you just cut the elastic off of is cut evenly- fold the skirt over in half so it's a little smaller- use your ruler & cut it straight- I find it easier to cut if you use a rotary cutter 
{if you don't own a rotary cutter & mat- go buy one NOW- it will change your life}

then open the material so you can make sure the center is straight- if it isn't just take your ruler & rotary cutter & straighten it out

surge or zig zag the top of the bottom skirt so it won't fray

when you're ready to pin the 2 pieces together you may have a bit more material than you thought- just  baste stitch the top of the material you just surged or zig zag stitched & pull to make a gather that will fit the length of the bottom of the top skirt 

 when pinning the 2 pieces together- start with matching the seams on both sides & then match the top of the smaller skirts hem to the top of your bottom piece. 

I chose to pin it together inside out because I thought it was easier to match them together

this is what it should look like after you pin it together on the other side

when sewing the 2 skirts together- follow the line that is already there- if you pinned it inside out- but are sewing from the other side- make sure you're very carful not to sew over the head of the pins

if you have some little holes in the material from taking the pockets off & the pleats out- just scratch the material carefully with your nail

Now go outside with your significant other- cuddle & listen to the U2 concert going on in the stadium 3 miles away & finally be ok with selling your tickets cause it really does sound like you're practically there!

** tutorial written last night.

Next wear it to the play date today that turned into a baby shower for kung- fu baby! {I really do have the best girlfriends ever}  i'll update this picture when I find someone to take a picture in it with a belly-less body- I picture it being worn high waisted- which is why I left it so long. For a shorter version you would just take a few inches off the top of the bottom skirt before sewing it together. 

I had to throw in a picture of the amazing presents I received- & my friends who are way too generous I can't even believe it!

victoria & nina

amy- only 5 more weeks! in the background-victoria & andelyne

* this is my first sewing tutorial- I hope it helps you out! ... 

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Amy said...

Two things: First, I love how the skirt turned out! SO very cool! Second, I am so sorry I was not able to come to the party! Emerson had a doctor's appointment that day to get caught up on his immunizations and all hell broke loose shortly after. I will be sure to get/make something very nice for that kung fu baby of yours!

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