Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone's celebrating their loved ones who have died for our country & your loved ones who have moved on to the heavens above.

I just wanted to share a few pictures from a church activity we did a couple of weeks ago. There is a woman in my church that spends $200 of her own money on bread & tuna & peanut butter & jelly & sandwich sacks to make 500 sandwiches once every month to help feed the homeless. She is an amazing woman without doing this. She raises 4 children on her own (her husband died of melanoma cancer over 4 years ago) while keeping a full time job as an Architect. I'm one of the leaders in Young Women's at my church & I decided this would be an amazing opportunity for the girls to learn about charity. We even asked them to donate their own money to help pay for the goods & they did so without a single complaint. BTW this was a 2 day project- making over 500 sandwiches on a Tuesday & passing out all the food on a Wednesday.

assembly line making tuna fish sandwiches

the leaders making the tuna fish- it took 18 of those huge cans- a massively huge bottle of mayo-
 & some mustard- my right arm had a really good work out...

all the peanut butter & tuna sandwiches

over 400 people waiting for food- other people brought soup & dessert & coffee 

all the lovely ladies

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