Warm Vacations rule

We took our little family to Arizona to visit my sibs & some good friends over Spring Break. Usually we go in the dead of summer {which I love- cause we just live in our bathing suits} but since kung-fu baby will be entering the world then- we decided spring break would be just as great- minus the pools being way to cold for miss wimpy here...

I love going to Az. Staying with my sister Michele is always a blast & seeing my brother Eric & my other sister Lori & a few old besties is always a good time too. The day before we got to Michele's they had just bought 5 chickens. Her super husband Stuart made them a chicken coop earlier that week. They each named their chickens & became quite attached very quickly.

we called this the chicken show- after "swimming" we would sit on the lounge chairs letting the chickens run free- cage free chickens are all the rage after all!

see the vintage spindles in the front- michele told her husband he had to incorporate those no matter what. michele has phenomenal taste & knows exactly what she wants & her husband always does what he's told...

yes the one with no feathers looks like a turkey- that's my sister michele

they loved their mommy

after naps the girls lived in their bathing suits- feet only in the pool though- way too cold for us- kaleb got in but ended up getting swimmers ear when we got home- not fun

So after a few days of their dog tootsie totally ignoring anyone that was paying any attention to the chickens we found 4 out of 5 of them dead while running cage free. Sad thing is we were only a few feet away sitting by the pool. We didn't hear a thing. One of the chickens had come over by the pool so Michele asked her son to go get her so she didn't poo {chickens poo a LOT} on the pavement & when he went back by the cage he saw the massacre. What a sad sight to see! He was pretty devastated as were the rest of us. It's amazing how close you get to your pets in such a short time. {this is why we don't have any pets} needless to say Michele went onto craig's list & found some new chickens that very night.

Kaleb & his cousin with the new set of chickens- on Easter morn right before our 12+ hours trip back home {my moms in the corner- she flew back- smart lady}

the farmers who sold them the new chickens told them that if you give the chicks massages they would bond to them faster. it was amazing- the chickens would practically go into a coma loving the massage so much.

* note the girls are in tights for our trip home. we didn't want their toesies to get cold in the car.

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