One Month to Go!

Since my babies don't seem to want to enter the world when they are due- I probably really have a little more than a month left- but i'm crossing my fingers & toes that kung-fu baby can't wait to see me & the rest of the crew so bad that he'll come early- or at least on time...

this is me at 34 weeks {baby should be the size of a cantaloupe- haha i'm thinking more like a beach ball!} on mothers day at my moms house- she always makes us dinner on sundays so my girlfriend chris & I made dinner for her- super deep dark circles under both my eyes has left me to take my face out of the picture. They are pretty bad. So bad that one of the cashiers at the fabric store the other day asked me if I was really tired. I wasn't. I had just taken a 4 hour nap.

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Anonymous said...

You look amazing!

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