Sunny Day

We finally had a beautiful sunny day on Saturday which made me very grateful that my sister in law Ande called to invite us to go hiking up millcreek canyon- especially since Adam was going to be gone all day & I really had nothing planned. The weather last week was so sporadic- mostly rainy. We even had snow- huge fat  snow flakes like i've never seen before {wish I had pictures} it was both depressing & really cool.

Ida started out pretty pretty great hiking on her own- wouldn't even hold any of our hands- she's very independent

snack break 15 minutes into our hike- I love hiking with kids...

Aunt Ande & cousin Soleil

Ida on Uncle Ben- like I said she didn't last long- & the girls cousin dog Kingsley

I bought the sweat shirt Elsa has on for kung-fu baby but couldn't resist putting it on her- 
she looks pretty adorbs.
p.s. this is one of the only times you'll see Elsa in pants. she was dying to go hiking so she- for once-
 put on what I wanted her to wear with out a fight. oh 3 year olds.

luckily Ida's pretty light cause I think I may be carrying a 10 lbs baby

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