Oh how I LOVE my mom! Not everyone is so lucky to live close to their mom- nor does everyone feel lucky like I do that my mom lives so close...  She seriously is not only gorgeous outside but she is super generous & lovely inside- plus she loves to feed me & oh how I love to be fed.  She's also an amazing Grandmother. My kids yell GRANDMA so happy & loud every time they see her. It's really too cute. Thank you mom so much for all your help & always being there for me- when you don't have a hair appointment or you're not getting your nails done...
Happy Mother's Day!

One of my other favorite moms is my aunt Mary Ann. {who by the way is improving daily- yay!} Do you have a favorite aunt that only puts onions on half of the casserole because she knows you don't like them. I know- she loves me like one of her own. 

two of my favorite mothers- my aunt mary ann & my mom ida

Have I ever mentioned how great & fun my mother in law is? Oh I certainly lucked out with this one! Thanks Jann for being so wonderful & including Kaleb & I into your family like you've loved us your entire life.

jann - in the middle

* I forgot to mention how much I love being a mom. I was visiting my aunt Saturday & the nurse asked me if this would be my first mothers day & I said no It would be my 4th thinking about how many kids I have but of course it's my 13th! So awesome to be a mom for 13 years & finally have a couple of other kids to join in on the celebration. It's the toughest/ funnest/ most rewarding job i've ever had. I highly recommend it to all you ladies out there. {now if I could just get it to pay me monetarily- I'd be one rich lady}

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