New Rings are Rad

I absolutely love my wedding ring. It's an antique cameo we bought from this great antique store downtown called Antoinettes Antique jewelry. Unfortunately the gold is coming off & leaving a rash on my finger.

Since right now isn't the right time to get the base re-made (have you seen the price of gold?)  I thought I would get something really inexpensive while we wait for gold to go down in price...  I've been looking for a while & finally found this on Etsy & I absolutely LOVE it. It's super feminine- tiny & so adorable.

see how tiny it is- I really love that about it

* sorry about the ugly hand but at least I didn't keep my mangled thumb in the picture. {I lost part of it in 2nd grade}

1 comment:

suzanne said...

i got my wedding ring from antionettes as well, and while im pregnant i get a rash on my finger...so i wear nothing or this cute gold thing i bought for $20. You're about to have another baby! AHHHHH. That is so cool!

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